School Outline

  • Founded: 1996
  • Location:
    4th floor, Shibuya Higashi Nihon Bldg., 1-22-8 Jinnnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    3-minute walk from Shibuya Station
  • Number of Students: 142 clients

School Outline and Education Method

‘We’, located at its prime location in the heart of Shibuya, is now entering its 20th year of establishment. For the past 19 years, it has welcomed students with the spirit of sincerity and has strived to provide the highest quality language education in Japan. Our passionate teachers and staff work with utmost attention to the students in order to tailor our programs to meet their needs and help them achieve their dreams and goals. The unchanging philosophy of “student-centered teaching” is at the heart of our school. The students are always our top priority.

Lesson Features

Original Plan for Everyone
Every one has difference values and lifestyle, meaning every one has different comfort zones and notions of what defines efficiency. To that end, here at We, we focus on devising original curriculum and study plans in accommodating individualized needs of our students, so as to allow our students to make the most of their time here for personal growth.

About Activity

Participation in Bilingual Classes
At ‘We’ there are discussion classes (Global Insights) and hobby classes (Hobby-English). Students from the Japanese language school can participate in them too, and it is a great opportunity to discuss the custom and cultural differences between your country and Japan with native Japanese speakers, acquire new hobbies and meet new friends who share the same interests.
Exchange program
‘We’ conducts exchange programs with Japanese students who are studying English or Chinese. It is a good chance to expand your network and meet exchange partners who share the same hobby or lifestyle. The exchange program is sure to make your stay in Japan a much more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.
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Fees and Course information

[My JapaNEEDS course]
Registration: N/A
Tuition: 55,000 yen / 10 lesson
Enrollment Requirements: N/A
Required Visa: We do not support your visa

[Online one on one My JapaNEEDS course]
Registration: N/A
Tuition: 5,700 yen / 1 lesson
Enrollment Requirements: N/A
Required Visa: We do not support your visa

[Part time group course]
Registration: 16,200 yen
Tuition: 3,800 yen / 1 lesson
Others: Textbook fee (approx. 4000 yen)
Enrollment Requirements: N/A
Required Visa: We do not support your visa

[Private course]
Registration: 16,200 yen
Tuition: 5,700 yen / 1 lesson
Others: Textbook fee (approx. 4000 yen)
Enrollment Requirements: N/A
Required Visa: We may request you to purchase certain textbooks

Teachers Voice

We want you to be yourself in Japan, and we provide support to enable you to express who you are and how you feel in Japanese. We don’t simply focus on following set plans and textbooks. Rather, we focus on finding out what you would like/need to express in Japanese, and set out to plan your program accordingly. We believe that it is under this method and mindset that people eventually learn and master languages.

Student’s Voice

As I am very busy with my work, I need a structure to help me to learn Japanese, not only a teacher. I found the method, the regular follow-up of the progresses very attractive.
Originally, I chose “We” because of its location in central Tokyo. But very soon I discovered that there is more to “We” than “just” conveniently situated classrooms. I enjoy taking classes with my creative and friendly teacher, and I am pleased with the personal attention I get from my helpful student partner.

Student Support

  • Each student would receive support from a personal counselor. All our counselors have a qualification in Japanese language education and will provide support to help students achieve their goals and accommodate any needs they require with a view to Japanese and livelihood.

We Japanese Language School
TEL: 03-5489-6480
URL: http://www.we-japan.com/