School Outline

  • Founded: 1985
  • Location:
    Main Campus: 6-39-12 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
    Nippori Campus: 2-54-4 Nishi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    Nippori Station (JR Line, Keisei Line and Nippori-Toneri Liner)
  • Number of students: 1,530
  • Classes: 77

School Outline and Education Method

It has been a traditional Japanese Language School since established in 1985.It has two campuses in Nippori and 7 dormitories.More than 1200 students from over forty countries and regions are studying now.The school can offer classes of various types and levels, from General/College course to Business/Job class, Short-term auditor course and Internship Program, so that the students can participate in effective study according to their purpose and level.

Lesson Features

The class is made up with a total of 13 levels, therefore, students will study in consideration with their purpose, ability, studying style and home-study hours and such. Then, each class is composed with the students of the same ability, this makes it possible for the student to intensively learn what they are insufficient in.
In addition, the school offers countermeasures for the Japanese Proficiency Test in order to acquire high points or a course for the Entrance Examination to Japanese college as an option.
In this school there are many teachers who have vast experience from a long career in Japanese education and also who have various backgrounds, students are enabled to have an individual consultation with an experienced teacher for going on to college.

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Fees and Course information

[General Course]
Registration: 40,000 yen
Tuition: 620,000 yen ~ 1,240,000 yen
Others: Examination fee: 20,000 yen, Others: 40,000 ~80,000 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Those who have graduated from high school and then were educated for more than twelve years, or those who have the equivalent qualification like certificate examination.
Required Visa: Student visa

[University Preparatory Curriculum]
Registration: 40,000 yen
Tuition: 1,005,000 yen ~ 1.340,000 yen
Others: Examination fee: 20,000 yen, Others: 60,000 yen ~ 80,000 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Those who have graduated from high school, but have studied less than twelve years.
Required Visa: Student visa

[Special University Advancement Prep Class]
Registration: 40,000 yen
Tuition: 670,000 yen
Others: Examination fee: 20,000 yen, Others: 40,000 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Those who hope to go on to a Japanese leading university or graduate school and possess suitable ability for this class and have high motivation.
Required Visa: Student visa

[Business Employment Class]
Registration: 40,000 yen
Tuition: 670,000 yen
Others: Examination fee: 20,000 yen, Others: 120,000 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Those who have graduated from university in their home country (what you have studied doesn’t matter) and have over a N2 certificate of Japanese Proficiency test or those who have the equivalent knowledge of Japanese language.
Required Visa: Student visa

[Short-term Course]
Registration: None
Tuition: 150,000 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Those who can obtain a visa by themselves, or those who are from a country where the need for a visa to Japan is exempted.
Required Visa: Short term stay, Family resident, Japanese spouse, Permanent stay and such.

Teachers Voice

Akamonkai is a leading large school in Japan, where approximately 1200 students from about forty countries are studying. They provide classes that meet students’ needs, ranging from a class for advanced school to a class for jobs in the business field.  In addition, there are dormitory facilities, and their support for students’ off campus life is sufficient.

Student’s Voice

Akamonkai’s facilities are fine and since there are many students from various countries, we can make friends with them. Instead of memorizing new words and phrases, teachers help us learn them off by heart. We can make great progress in Japanese language study, as we not only to take notes after listening to what the teacher says, but also we actually practice it.

Student Support

  •  Staff who can speak Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Korean, English and Japanese are always available.
  • A sufficient support system is also available with a 24 hour-study hall, PC room, Manga room, dormitory, scholarship, introduction of part time job and such.

Akamonkai Japanese Language School
TEL: 03-3806-6102
URL: http://www.akamonkai.ac.jp/english/
E-mail: info@akamonkai.ac.jp