[From August Issue 2014]
Yayoiken is a “teishoku” restaurant with more than 250 branches in Japan and over 100 outlets overseas. Teishoku is a well-balanced set meal comprising of Japanese staple foods, including cooked rice, miso soup and side dishes. Great care is taken over the ingredients and food is served in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Extra helpings of rice are served free to those who order a teishoku or a breakfast from the menu.

[No. 1] Stir-fried ginger pork teishoku: 538 yen

Soft strips of pork rib are fried in a special sauce made with soy sauce, ginger and apple juice.

[No. 2] Chicken nanban (early European style) teishoku: 639 yen

“Chicken nanban,” a local specialty from Miyazaki Prefecture, prepared as teishoku. Plenty of sweet vinegar sauce and tartar sauce is slathered onto dark juicy chicken meat.

[No. 3] Fried pork and vegetables: 639 yen

Full bodied delicious tender pork ribs fried in a special soy-based sauce with plenty of vegetables, including cabbage, carrot, onion and bean sprouts.

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