[From April Issue 2014]
MOS BURGER is a chain of hamburger restaurants that was established in Japan in 1972. Now they have more than 1,400 outlets countrywide and more than 300 outlets overseas. They specialize in dishes that incorporate Japanese cuisine, such as the Teriyaki Burger in which miso (bean paste) and soy sauce is used, and MOS Rice Burger, in which rice is used for the bun.

[No. 1] MOS Burger 330 yen.

Popular for combining savory meat sauce, the sourness of tomato and fresh onion. Since Mos was established this has been representative product of MOS BURGER.

[No. 2] Teriyaki Chicken Burger 330 yen.

This burger contains a chicken leg slathered in a soy sauce marinade that is grilled in store over a hot flame so that the excess fat drips from the meat creating a crispy skin and juicy meat.

[No. 3] Teriyaki Burger 330 yen.

This burger is stuffed with lettuce – that as far as possible has been domestically produced without depending on pesticides and chemical fertilizers – and contains a teriyaki sauce made of miso and soy sauce.
*The prices are for this point of time, March 20, 2014, tax included.

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