Basic Japanese (Digital version)

Infant’s Learning Method Using
Memory Magic

You can learn theme by theme and
communicate with Japanese instantly.

2,800 yen (six editions)

Basic Japanese is a series of texts from the Supereffective Japanese Lessons published in issues of Hiragana Times between January to July 2018.
It is completely different from conventional methods and has been registered as a utility model with the Japan Patent Office.

Lesson Contents:

1/6 Unique Method for Memorizing Vocabulary (Places & Products)
2/6 How to Memorize Intangible Words (Numerals & Money)
3/6 How to Memorize Intangible Words (Times & Dates)
4/6 Terms that Qualify Target Words (Appearance & Locations)
5/6 Terms that Qualify Target Words (Actions & Expressions)
6/6 Terms Related to People (Introductions & Describing Character Traits)


1. Infants learn single words first, and later add other words to form sentences. In this manner you will first learn vocabulary necessary in your daily life.

2. You can communicate with Japanese people only using these words. Once you learn them you only have to put them together to make a sentence.

3. You can easily memorise vocabulary using our memory magic method.

For more information;
“How to learn Japanese (Free)”

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