AuGUST Issue 2018 (No.382)

July 20 On Sale!!

[Table of contents]

■Topics & Events
・Ukiyo-e Exhibition
・Waterplay that Both Parents and Children Can Enjoy
・ARAKI Hirohiko Exhibition
・Streets of Yokohama Transformed into a Dance Stage
・Enjoying Digital Art

・The Changing Face of Capsule Hotels
・Smiley-Face Characters Are Trending

[Multi-Level Text]

■News Review
Fuss Over Foul Play in Sports

■New Expressions & Buzzwords
Unbelievably Great / Gohann (Rice / Meal) Logic

■JAPANese Notes
Tips About Sake

■Exploring JAPANese through Manga
Person who can’t go

■Close Up Japan
A Storm of Cheering and Booing

■The Other Side of Japanese
Who Should Not Make the Same Mistake Again?

■Sentence Endings
How to Soften Your Speech in Consideration of Others

■Feature Hiragana Times Archives Selection
Japan’s Summer is the Season for Obake

<<Super-effective Japanese Lessons>>

・Phrases to Use When Addressing Someone
・Asking for Directions to a Destination
・Taking a Train
・Vocabulary Concerning the Weather

■From the Editorial Desk

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