The digital booklet “How to Learn Japanese” features “The Secretes to Quickly Mastering Japanese.” This is the essence of our supper-effective Japanese lessons published in Hiragana Times. This is completely different from conventional methods and has been registered to a utility model by the Japan Patent Office.

How to learn Japanese (Free)

Now our supper-effective lessons (part 1) are compiled in the “Basic Japanese Text” (the information is available in the booklet). They will be on sale soon.

The new Supper-effective lessons (part 2) are stating with August issue in Hiragana Times. This series includes How to get around, and phrases useful on an outing, as well as living, business and travel.

Celebrating for the completion of the “Basic Japanese,” we offer the full set of six texts (2,800 yen) to those who order subscription to Hiragana Times during the introduction period (the offer applicable or not is decided by the date you orders).

Now, it is a great opportunity for you to learn Japanese from scratch. We are confident that you can easily master with this new revolutionary text magazine

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