July Issue 2018 (No.381)

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[Table of contents]

■Topics & Events
・Japanese Heroes Get Together
・Japanese Art in the Jomon Period
・The World’s Largest Idol Event
・Guide to Lolita Fashion in Harajuku
・Festival of Children and Performing Arts

・Japanese People Choose Aisle Seats
・Walking Around Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo

<<MultiーLevel Text>>

■News Review
The Death Penalty is Sanctioned in Japan

■New Expressions & Buzzwords
Sho Time / Vegetables Take a Leading Role

■JAPANese Notes
The Physical Appearance of Japanese People

■Exploring JAPANese through Manga
Scary, I don’t like you

■Close Up Japan
Hidden Christian Sites to Be Registered as World Heritage Sites

■The Other Side of Japanese
There are Two Styles of Writing in Japanese

■Sentence Endings
Putting things Succinctly (Abbreviated Forms)

■Feature Hiragana Times Archives Selection
Rescue Megumi

<<Super-effective Japanese Lessons>>

・Terms Used to Describe Human Relationships
・Terms Used to Introduce Oneself to Others
・Expressions for Appearance, Character, and Emotions
・Various Expressions About People

■From the Editorial Desk

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