[From June Issue 2015]
Gyukaku, a chain of grilled meat restaurants, has 602 shops in Japan and additional branches overseas. Most are located near train stations. You can grill your own meat, either at the counter or at a table. Although the prices are set at reasonable levels for the young target market, there’s also a 1,980 yen dish (for two or three people) of top quality red meat (beef fillet steak). Desserts, such as ice cream, are popular, too. As a children’s menu is available, the whole family can enjoy themselves.

[No.1] Kalbi with a Secret Recipe Salty Sauce 490 yen

This special salty sauce, served when the chain was first established, has made a reappearance. Sun-dried salt in the sauce brings out the savory flavors of the meat.

[No.2] King Skirt Steak 790 yen

Generous slices of tender skirt steak. Relish the juiciness. Miso-garlic and salt-butter flavors are available.

[No.3] Cotton Candy Sukiyaki Kalbi 590 yen

Kalbi (beef ribs) with a cotton candy topping. A warishita sauce is added while it’s being cooked. If dipped in a beaten raw egg mix, it tastes as sweet as sukiyaki.
Availability and prices vary depending on the restaurant.
The number of restaurants printed as of April 1, 2015.

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