[From June Issue 2014]
Seven-Eleven was the very first convenience store in Japan. The franchise has expanded and now there are over 16,000 stores all over the country; approximately double the number of stores in the United States. One of the hit products is onigiri (rice balls). Seven-Eleven was the first in the industry to start selling temaki (DIY hand-rolled) onigiri, and they currently sell 1.88 billion onigiri annually. Their original products are also very popular.

[No. 1] Gu Tappuri Temaki Tuna Mayonnaise (Hand-rolled Tuna Mayonnaise With a Generous Filling) 102 yen

A long time favorite product first put on the market by Seven-Eleven. Particular care is taken over the freshness of the eggs used in the mayonnaise.

[No. 2] Temaki Onigiri Beni Shake (Hand-rolled Red Salmon Onigiri) 130 yen

Though salmon is a standard filling, this onigiri is filled only with natural red salmon for a rich umami (savory) flavor. A lot of time and effort is devoted to making this product; after seasoning the salmon with salt to bring out the umami flavors, it is baked slowly and carefully, and then crumbled by hand.

[No. 3] Jikamaki Omusubi Torigomoku (Wrapped Rice Balls Mixed with Chicken and Vegetables) 112 yen

This product is brimming with the umami taste of chicken and vegetables. Prepared to have a salty-sweet flavor, the rice is wrapped in a sheet of dried seaweed. Many customers are fans of this signature product.

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