[From March Issue 2014]
FamilyMart is the first chain of convenience stores to be founded in Japan. There are approximately 10,000 stores nationwide, but worldwide there are approximately 23,000 stores, most of them in Southeast and East Asia. The company’s wide range of desserts is popular, as well as its selection of fried food available at the register.

[No. 1] Fami Chiki 160 yen

Fried chicken with a crunchy outer coating and soft, juicy meat. It’s boneless and easy to eat, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

[No. 2] Famima Premium Chicken (on the bone) 180 yen

Fried chicken characterized by the sweet aroma of herbs and spices, the particular texture of its meat and its thin, crispy coating. So delicious it holds its own even when compared to fried chicken offered at specialty restaurants.

[No. 3] Niku-man (Steamed bun with meat filling) 110 yen

One of several Chinese-style steamed buns, it contains a mixture of pork and other meats which is juicy and tasty. Even just one niku-man makes a filling and a satisfying treat.
Prices and availability are subject to location and time of year.

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