[From January Issue 2014]
Priding itself on its handmade, fresh dishes, Marugame Seimen chain of self-service restaurants specializes sanuki-udon. These udon (noodles) have a characteristic springy texture and natural wheat flavor. The noodles are made right in front of customers in an open kitchen. Made from only domestically produced wheat, salt and water, no additives whatsoever are used. Side dishes include tempura, omusubi (rice balls) and others.

[No.1] Kamaage Udon (regular size) 280 yen

Boiled udon freshly scooped out of a pot. Before being eaten it is dipped in a thick, hot soup of ginger and sesame. This is the best dish on the menu.

[No.2] Kake Udon (regular size) 280 yen

Boiled noodles are cooled in cold water to create the firm texture characteristic of sanuki udon. These are to be eaten reheated just before being served in a hot soup.

[No.3] Toro-tama Udon (regular size) 380 yen

Boiled udon served with grated yam and onsen tamago (a hot spring egg). This is especially popular with women.
We introduce the three most popular items on the menu.
Marugame Seimen

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