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Subscription Order

Type    Purchased at  Subscription period  Subscription fee
 Magazine     Japan  1 year (12 issues)  6,000 yen
2 years (24 issues) 10,000 yen 
 Overseas  1 year (12 issues) 10,000 yen
2 years (24 issues) 18,000 yen
Magazine +
Digital version with Audio   
 Japan  1 year (12 issues) 8,400 yen
2 years (24 issues) 14,000 yen 
 Overseas  1 year (12 issues) 12,400 yen 
2 years (24 issues)  22,000 yen 
Digital version with Audio   Any location   1 year (12 issues) 6,000 yen 
2 years (24 issues) 10,000 yen 

How to subscribe

Subscription order form ]

Payment Method

  1. Credit Card
    Please pay either by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB.
  2. PayPal
  3. Cash on delivery
    Only in Japan for magazine. Please pay when you receive the first delivery

*Please note that cancellations are not accepted after a subscription has been ordered.
*A renewal notice will be sent to you one month befor your subscription expires. It will not be automatically renewed.

Display Period for Digital version and Audio version of Hiragana Times
The Digital and Audio versions of Hiragana Times can be viewed and downloaded from the subscriber’s page. A User ID and password will be sent to you on the 20th of every month and users will be able to view or listen to the current issue as well as the previous month’s issue from the 20th of the month to the 20th of the following month. The previous month’s issue will be deleted after that period. So please download each issue during the period it is on display.

[ Subscription order form ]

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