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Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin

School Outline


  • Founded: 1983
  • Location:
    5-14-11, Shimo-ochiai, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    Seven minutes’ walk from Yono Honmachi Station on JR Saikyo line or Twelve minutes’ walk from Yono station on JR Keihintohoku line.
  • Number of students: 900

School Outline and Education Method

This school was established based on “Urawa Zeminaaru Cram School” as a power base. Up until now lots of students from overseas were accepted and certainly made an achievement in having them enter advanced schools, not to mention teaching them Japanese language thoroughly. Being a Japanese language school that can be trusted by students as their motto is, they always do their best to provide them an at-home atmosphere despite of their strict instructions.

Lesson Features

[Beginner’s class]
The curriculum for beginners includes well-balanced lessons comprised of the four skills of speaking, hearing, reading and writing.  They put importance on the practice of a daily conversation in class, while honoring correct grammar in order to acquire the correct Japanese.

[Intermediate class]
They instruct students to have the aim of being able to understand standard Japanese conversation and being able to state their own opinions.

[Advanced class]
Keeping the entrance examination in mind, they aim at acquiring Academic Japanese. In addition, by using the teaching materials which are adapted to globalized world situations, they try to teach students general Japanese in order to catch up the lessons in university.

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Fees and Course information

[Student Visa Course]
Registration: 70,000 yen
Tuition: 630,000 yen
Others: 40,000 yen for extracurricular activity fee, insurance fee for foreign students and selection fee.
Enrollment Requirements: Those who have completed a twelve-year education or the equivalent
Required Visa: Student visa

[Short-term Course]
Registration: 5000 yen for one month and 15,000 yen for two or three months.
Tuition: 52,000 yen for one month, 104,000 yen for two months and 130,000 yen for three months.
Enrollment Requirements: Depending on a personal interview.
Required Visa: Short-term visa or sightseeing visa.

[General Course]
Registration: 5000 yen
Tuition: 2,000 yen x number of days of taking lessons (by monthly payment)
Enrollment Requirements: Depending on a personal interview.
Required Visa: Family visa, permanent visa and others.

Teachers Voice

We expect all the students who study in our school to acquire the complete Japanese language and understand Japanese culture.  Furthermore, we hope that each of them will make good use of the specialized knowledge obtained in Japan for their country’s development, and at the same time they will be bridges for friendship formed as a result between Japan and their country.

Student’s Voice

I’m trying to have broad outlook and to do my best in everything.  Moving away from my parents and living alone, I had quite some difficulty in studying and working part time. However, because of it, I could get something, and also thanks to the teachers advice I am enjoying a satisfied life here. Especially in my study, I did my best to find answers to the questions I had in the class by looking them in the dictionary or asking the teachers, never leaving them unresolved.  Hereafter, I’ll try to develop myself by making good use of the experiences I had in my school life until I’m satisfied.

Student Support

  • Supporting the students’ life including going to a hospital, insurance and residence registration.
  • Consultation about going to advanced schools.
  • Explanation meeting for going to advanced schools.
  • Personal counseling.

Tokyo Nichigo Gakuin
TEL: 048-857-9801 FAX: 048-857-9888

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