School Outline

  • Founded: 2010
  • Location:
    Nishikoken 77-12, Aza Inuyama, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    Five minute walk from the west exit at Inuyama station on Meitetsu line.
  • Number of Students: 295

School Outline and Education Method

At first students study the comparison of living life in their country with that of Japan. Gradually in order to foster people who can think globally, they teach and structure classes according to their ability established via student’s regular test results.

Lesson Features

They have curriculum that can synthetically improve students’ four skills in order for them to actually speak Japanese. They also place a teacher in charge in each class, so that much attention is given to each student in detail. In addition, they support students who seek to prepare for the Japanese Proficiency Test and also preparations for those who want to go to Japanese university, college, and career school.

About Activity

They hold various activities including Japanese cultural experiences, outside of school study tours, sports games, events with local people and so on.

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Fees and Course information

[Comprehensive Course]
Registration: 84,000 yen
1,200,000 yen for two years.
1,050,000 yen for one year and nine months.
900,000 yen for one and half years.
700,000 yen for one year and three months.
Others: 21,000 yen for selection charge
Enrollment Requirements: Those who have completed a twelve-year school education or the equivalent.
Required Visa: Study visa or Family visa

Teachers Voice

nagoya5This year Nagoya Academy of Education celebrated the 7th anniversary since it was established.
At presents students from four foreign countries are studying Japanese here. Teachers and students are very close to one another, and various aged teachers including teachers in charge of a class are supporting students both in their Japanese studies and their daily life outside of school.
Teachers are always looking forward to seeing more students.

Student’s Voice

Every day I am enjoying having lessons that interested us, adopting students’ opinions.  I am also happy to experience Japanese life outside of lessons such as wearing yukata, social visits, speech contest and others events. I am very satisfied with this school.

Student Support

  • They school’s staff do their best in supporting students in a variety of ways, starting from meeting and sending them at the airport, to introducing accommodation and part-time jobs, obtaining visas, instruction for going on to college and providing advice for daily living.

Nagoya Academy of Education
TEL: 0568-62-6800 FAX: 0568-61-6664
URL: http://www.fftt.biz/nihongo/02.html
E-mail: nihongo@fftt.biz

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