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Meros Language School

School Outline


  • Founded: 1986
  • Location:
    2-45-7, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    Ikebukuro station on JR line
  • Number of Students: 920

School Outline and Education Method

This school is a Japanese language school with a long history celebrating its thirtieth anniversary since establishment.  Up to now many excellent students graduated from here and are working actively throughout the world.  In the midst of globalization, people have to firstly overcome the language barrier in order to work on the front line and deepen the mutual understanding.  Therefore, a multitude of  curriculum is provided that meet various needs of students and the experienced teachers are instructing thoroughly. The school welcomes students with its excellent educational environment.

Lesson Features

l. Wide range of curriculum (developing four well-balanced skills). The students learn Japanese from various angles in lessons of Japanese culture and custom, Japanese society and news. They also have a class of English and Math for those who want to go on to college, and an art class for those to art related college.
2. Introducing choice system of class (They are introducing lessons in accordance with the various needs of the students: Course for EJU, Course for Graduate School, Course for JLPT, Business Course and General Conversation Course)

meros2 meros3 meros4

Fees and Course information

[General Course (Course for EJU,  Course for Graduate School, Course for JLPT, Business /General Conversation Course and Course for famous Art University ),  Preparatory Educational Course and Short-term Program.]
Registration: 50,000 yen for long-term, 20,000 yen for short-term for three months
Tuition: 660,000 yen for one year, 150,000 yen for three months
Others: Long-term: 20,000 yen for selection fee and 16,700 yen for one-year insurance fee.
Teaching materials
Enrollment Requirements: Those who graduated from a high school.
Required Visa: Student Visa, Short-stay Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Family Visa and others.

Teachers Voice

This school takes good care of each student and has very warm atmosphere like a home. There are many teachers who are cheerful and have a unique personality. They will support you to make your dream come true, so, come and study together.  With a curriculum that meets a diversity of students’ needs, experienced teachers provide thorough instruction, while formulating curriculum which helps students to achieve effectively the purpose of studying overseas.

Student’s Voice

“It’s really fun to learn.” I understand this words while I was studying at this school、where there are personally talented teachers, and friendly classmates from various countries. They are offering not only a Japanese language course, but also many kinds of studying courses, together with kind living support to the students. To look back on my life now, the year and half I spent here was very bright and I had very precious experiences. I met many people, had many experiences and made lots of lovely memories. The days I spent in this school are a treasure. I believe this school will definitely open the door for your dreams. (A student from China)

Student Support

  • Support for part-time jobs, going on to college, finding jobs and also living support.

Meros Language School
TEL: 03-3980-0068 FAX: 03-3987-5231

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