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Kichijoji Language School

School Outline

  • Founded: 1983
  • Location:
    2-3-15-701, Minami-cho, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    A one-minute walk from Kichijoji station on both JR Chuo and keio Inokashira line
  • Number of Students: 120

School Outline and Education Method

  1. They emphasize not only reading and writing, but also improving conversation ability.
  2. Students mostly come from more than 20 countries Western and Asian countries. The school feels just like a large family, where students are taught by highly-skilled professionals.
  3. The school itself is like a family and reputed for its professional education.

Lesson Features

The classes are divided into eight levels, each having a mix of international students who are learning Japanese for different reasons. In the beginner and intermediate classes students learn practical Japanese, while in the advanced classes, students select courses suitable for their individual goals. They can acquire the language skills for everyday living, or specifically for business and/or university lectures. Sessions run from 10 weeks to two years, with other possibilities available upon request, so please contact the school first to discuss. Average class size is between 8 and 15 students, but private lessons are available. Individual class curriculums will be shaped according to each student’s goals and availability. All lessons are taught directly in Japanese.

About Activity

Teachers and students visit places including Asakusa, Kamakura and Enoshima, and also have yearly barbeque parties in March and September.
Every December, students, teachers and graduates get together for a yearend party. Many events such as photo contests are also organized during the terms.

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Fees and Course information

*Consumption Tax @ 8 per cent is included in all prices given.

[Group course (Pre-college student)]
Document preparation: 25,000 yen
Admission Fee: 54,000 yen
Tuition: 615,600 yen / a year
Utilities: 20,000 yen / a year
Total payment for the first year: 714,600 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Over 12 years of education or the same level
Required Visa: Student Visa

[Group courses (not including pre-college students)]
Admission Fee: 16,200 yen
Tuition: 145,800 yen / 3 months (10 weeks)
Enrollment Requirements: None
Required Visa:Temporary visitor, Working holiday, Working, Dependent, Permanent and others. It is impossible for you to apply for a pre-college Student Visa.

* Other Courses
Private / Semi private lesson, Japanese Proficiency Test course, Course trusted by a company

Teachers Voice

kls-4Do you know Kichijoji? It is an old but thriving area where many kinds of people enjoy their own lifestyle, and who are very friendly to everyone. The Kichijoji Language School is a similarly friendly place, where you can take professional lessons while studying in a homey atmosphere along with your international classmates, while making your dreams come true!

Student’s Voice

I am enjoying daily school life. I became instantly familiar with the classes and my various courses, kind teachers and the friendly atmosphere. Japanese language is very difficult to learn for those who come from English-speaking countries, however, you can make great progress if you study step by step every day, and attend class regularly. (Stephan Taylor from England, Advanced class student).

Student Support

  • Each class is lead by a teacher who takes good care of his/her students.
  • English and Chinese (Mon. / Wed. / Fri.) support is available.
  • They offer a study room with computer privileges.
  • They also offers students help in finding local accommodations, where necessary, or desirable.

Kichijoji Language School
TEL: 0422-47-7390 FAX: 0422-41-5897

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