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JCLI Japanese Language School

School Outline


  • Founded: 1980
  • Location:
    169-0074 Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, North Shinjuku, 1-5-2, Sato Building 4th Floor
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
  • Number of students: 900

School Outline and Education Method

During class, the teachers don’t just rely on textbooks, but prepare a lot of original and interesting materials, therefore students can learn from a variety of sources. We have audio and video materials, a wide variety of textbooks, and most importantly, many chances to practice. Teachers always give classes in Japanese and encourage students to use only the Japanese language to communicate with each other.

Lesson Features

We have classes every day, Monday to Friday, with about 3 and a half hours of study per day. Classes are separated into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session is from 9.00 – 12.20 and the afternoon session is from 13.20 – 16.40. During the classes there are 2 breaks, one lasting 15 minutes and the other one being 5 minutes. During each class, the teachers focus on vocabulary, grammar, pronociation, conversation, reading, writing, and kanji. Between the morning and the afternoon classes we have special preparatory classes like: Prononciation, conversation, kanji, and JLPT.

About Activity

We have a variety of cultural classes where students learn aspects of Japan, such as caligraphy and history. We have a variety of outdoor activites as well, visiting famous places such as Asakusa, Odaiba, and Tokyo Disneyland. In addition, there are many special activities inside of the school, such as a bazaar and musical performances performed by teachers and students.

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Fees and Course information

[Long term course]
Registration: 54,000 yen
Tuition: 648,000 yen
Others: 64,800 yen
Enrollment Requirements: For enrollment we need the following documentation: Application form, ID photo, Education Certificate, Career certificate, Japanese ability related documents, Personal identity verification documents, Documents demonstrating and proving relationship to financial sponsor, Income-related documents of financial sponsor.
Required Visa: Included in the price

[Short-term course]
Registration: None
Tuition: Depends on length of classes
Others: Airport pickup fee: 3,000 yen.
Enrollment Requirements: Classes are available for any length of time.  Possible to study with any kind of visa, including tourist.
Required Visa: Not needed for countries where a visa is unnecessary, and not needed if the applicant already has a visa.  If the student requires a letter of invitation from the school to obtain the visa, the cost will be 10,000 yen.

Teachers Voice

jcli5At JCLI, our students come first, and everyone we do is to help them succeed in learning the language. We try hard to provide an environment where they can study in an effective and creative manner, teaching them real Japanese that they can use outside, and not just in the classroom. We’re also always there for them outside of class hours, willing to help them in any way we can for their life in Japan.

Student’s Voice

JCLI has a lot of facilities that we can use anytime as students, such as a library, computers, a study hall, and dormitories. The school itself and its facilities are all very modern, giving us an environment which lets us both study well in class, and relax afterwards. The teachers are great, always enthusiastic in class and eager to teach us about both Japanese language and culture. Additional classes, such as conversation lessons, pronunciation practice, and preparation for the N1 and N2 Japanese exams also give us the tools to succeed in our studies. Although it’s not always easy being an exchange student, the teachers are always there for us and help us with any difficulties we have.

I realized it’s important to learn Japanese language through experiences.

Student Support

  • Full support for student life. We provide help for housing, finding a job, setting up a bank and cell phone, and any aspect about living in Japan. Scholarships available to students wishing to continue studying in Japan. Free wi-fi available in the school. Full support and counseling for students who wish to study at higher education in Japan.

JCLI Japanese Language School
TEL: 03-5348-2171 FAX: 03-5348-2345

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