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Interculture Langauge Academy

School Outline


  • Founded: 1988
  • Location:
    7-8 Yombancho, Nagata-ku, Kobe City
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    Subway Nagata Station on Hanshin/Sanyou Express line
  • Number of students: 248
  • Classes: 20

School Outline and Education Method

Located at Kobe, well-known for its port, students can study Japanese in a very international atmosphere. They are ready to cope with the needs of those students who aim at going to university and graduate schools to those who want to experience both Japanese language and culture in a short period of time, in addition from advanced students to beginners. Since teaching is only in Japanese through direct method, as a result they can master Japanese faster.

Lesson Features

  1. International students; they are from twenty-three countries and are enjoying their study every day.
  2. Experienced teachers: all of the teachers have accurate teaching skills they combine with a sense of humor. Some have an overseas career as a Japanese teacher. Their support of students is perfect.
  3. Programs which meet various students’ needs: the teachers provide programs for those who go to university or graduate school, as well as for those who want to learn Japanese to be useful in their daily life and in business situations. Furthermore, an easy course is available in which students can study Japanese while experiencing sightseeing and culture.

A. Long term Course (Student Visa Course)

<Go-on-to College Course>
1. Graduate school advancing course: Through the appropriate assistance and instruction by the experienced teachers, nearly twenty percent of the applicants successfully advance on to enter graduate school every year. Complete instruction of how to make a research proposal.
2. University advancing course: For preparation for EJU exams and JLPT exams, total subjects: mathematics, science (physics, chemistry and biology) are provided as common lessons of Go-on-to College Course 1 & 2. Also they offer free English conversation, Japanese conversation, kanji and a supplementary class.

<Ordinary Course>
Ordinary Japanese course: Brush up daily conversation skill and make lots of friends.    <Business Course>:
Let’s learn the necessary business language and also Japanese customs.

B.Short term course (one to three month course)

  1. Ordinary short term course; for those who want to learn Japanese in a concentrated short period of time.
  2. Language and culture course: by half day lesson and half day cultural experience students can enjoy both Japanese language and a cultural experience at the same time. It includes one day trip to Kyoto, Osaka and Nara.
  3.  Private course.

int-cul2 int-cul3 int-cul4

Fees and Course information

[Long term course (Student visa )]
Registration: 86,400 yen
Tuition: 583,200 yen
Others: 119,900 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Over seventeen year old student for the long term course.
Required Visa: Long term residence status is required for long term course.

[Short term course ( one - three month course)]
Registration: 10,800 yen  for one month, 21,600 yen for two months, 32,400 yen for three months.
Tuition: 48,600 yen for one month, 97,200 yen for two months, 145,800 yen for three months.
Others: Airport pickup fee: Textbook fee for one month, two months and three months: cost price.
Enrollment Requirements: No age limitation as long as acconpainied by parent or guardian (over six year old)
Required Visa: It depends on country of origin.

Teachers Voice

The percentage of students who go on to college is very high, so that they recommend for students who aim at going on to university or graduate school to enter this school. In addition, in the business course, many students were employed by the famous companies, so this school is recommendable also for those who want to get a high caliber job.

Student’s Voice

int-cul5It’s lots of fun with students from different countries. As many teachers and staff can speak Thai, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean and Spanish in addition to English, we feel assured and students concentrate themselves in their study. There are many dormitories, and students can obtain a part time job. Students are enjoying a fun lifestyle, making friends. Graduated seniors of this school went on to university, graduate school and career school. Some secured a job, some got married and some went home and commenced to running a business.

Student Support

  •  Both teachers and school administration advise students about living in Japan.

JCLI Japanese Language School
TEL: 078-576-6129

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