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Futaba Collage of Foreign Languages

School Outline


  • Founded: 1960
  • Location:
    2-6-8, Shinjuku, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    10 minutes walk from Chiba station on JR line, or one minute
    From Chiba Chuo Station on Keisei line.

School Outline and Education Method

This school was established on March 2, 1960 as one of East West International Education Group, by Doctor Hayashi Ryuji who had made achievements in language education and international exchange, and was approved by the Ministry of Law in September, 1989.

They offer a variety of lessons including Japanese needless to say, Japanese culture, living customs and manners, not only for going on to college, but also for living in Japan or taking a job. Furthermore, in order to brush up language skill and understanding skill toward different cultures.

Lesson Features

* From students who study Japanese for the first time, to students who have some experiences of learning in their country, students of various levels are entering this school. According to any level various classes are available.

* After reaching to the middle class level, the students can study what suits their own purpose by combining the other programs including “common lessons according to level”, “Choice lessons according to purpose” and “ Extracurricular lessons”.

About Activity

There are Sports meetings, a Summer festival, Bus tour and Speech contest.  Furthermore, students can experience Japanese culture including flower arranging and tea ceremony, and exchange with Japanese students.


Fees and Course information

[Foreign students (General Course/ College Course)]
Registration: 60,000 yen
Tuition: 624,000 yen per year
Others: Selection fee: 25,000 yen   Teaching material fee:  Actual expense
Enrollment Requirements: Those who have completed school for 12 years and equivalent.
Required Visa: Student Visa

[Except foreign students (Short-term Course and Audit Course)]
Registration: 20,000 yen
Tuition: 52,000 yen for four weeks, 120,000 yen for ten weeks and 220,000 yen for twenty weeks.
Others: Teaching material fee:  Actual expense
Required Visa: Working Holiday Visa, Short-stay Visa, Family Visa, Spouse Visa, Permanent Visa and so on.

Student’s Voice

In this school we can learn not only the necessary knowledge, but also the Japanese people’s custom and way of living.
This school offers us the possibility for the future and stimulates us in many ways.
The atmosphere of this school is very at home like a family and everybody can be familiar at once.
I enjoy studying here very much. I am very proud of being a student of this school.

Student Support

  • Instructions for going on to college: Very experienced teachers in charge are consulting with each student personally and give them kind and appropriate advice.
  • English, Chinese, Korean and Russian are available.

Futaba Collage of Foreign Languages
TEL: 043-244-9081 FAX: 043-244-9332

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