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ARC Academy

School Outline


  • Founded: 1986
  • Location:
    At Shibuya, Shinjuku, Osaka and Kyoto
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    Shibuya school: Shibuya station, Shinjuku school: Shinjuku station, Osaka school: Nanba station, Kyoto school: Gojo station
  • Number of students:
    260 students at Shibuya school, 130 students at Shinjuku school, 130 students at Osaka school, 95 students at Kyoto school
  • Nationality:
    China, Vietnam, Sweden, USA, Spain, Italy, France, Russia and others.

School Outline and Education Method

Established in 1986, they are teaching Japanese learners in a wide range from business people to foreign students, researchers, people working in embassies, trainees, residents living in Japan and such. The students coming from more than fifty countries have been learning and the school’s graduates are active in various fields.

Lesson Features

Abundant opportunities in the class aiming at the progress of communication skill.
Specialized instruction is received depending on a student’s purpose for going to college or taking a job.
Support for independent study.


Shibuya school will move to Iidabashi in October, 2015.

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Fees and Course information

[Overseas study course]
Registration: 60,000 yen
Tuition: 700,000 yen for one year, 875,000 yen for one year and three months, 1,050,000 yen for one year and six months, 1,225,000 yen for one year and nine months.
Others: Examination fee: 30,000 yen, Insurance fee: 10,000 for one year (and after that 2,500 yen every third month).

Enrollment Requirements: Those who have an education level higher than senior high school (who have finished school education for more than twelve years.) Those who have not been refused on a visa application in the past. Other qualifications are depending on nationality.
Required Visa: Student visa

Teachers Voice

arc-5In ARC Academy students can study also Japanese culture and communication besides Japanese language. Through study of communication, students are encouraged to make many Japanese friends. We are looking forward to seeing you in Japan.

Student’s Voice

arc-6ARC Academy is a very good school to learn Japanese language at: teachers are kind and extremely professional at the same time. In only 1 month I could talk with my classmates and Japanese people about different topics.

Student Support

  •  Both teachers and staff together will support students not only in their study but also their off campus life. Furthermore, if students want, they will be supported for a part time job and employment by the Job Supporting Division.

ARC Academy
Shibuya: 03-3409-0391 /
Shinjuku: 03-5348-7671 /
Osaka: 06-6635-1735 /
Kyoto: 075-353-7566 /

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