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Reading Hiragana Times via Smartphone or Tablet

  1. mobile-1Download ActiBook app. to your smartphone or tablet.

    ●App store (iPhone, iPad)
    ●Google Play (Android)
    ●Window store (Surface)

  2. After downloading, click the app.. The below screen “My本棚1” will be displayed. Then tap “ID/PASS” in the bottom of the screen.


  3. The screen to enter your ID and password will be displayed. Your ID and password are sent to you every month by mail.


  4. After entering ID and password, the message “You got a book. Would you like to read the book now?” will be displayed. Tap “yes.” Download will begin.


  5. After downloading, the issue you downloaded will be added to “MY本棚1.” After that you can view it anytime.


In the case “The book does not exist.” appears

In case you use a smartphone or tablet, after opening ActiBook app., please try to click “その他” (others) button on the right side of the screen bottom and select “ブック地域選択” (book area setting) and choose “日本“ (Japan). This means that you are accessing to a server in Japan.





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