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(No. 370)

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Topics & Events

  • Exhibition of Plastic Food Replicas
  • Ticket Machines for Foreigners Visiting Japan
  • Informative Exhibition about the History of Plates
  • “Weekly Shonen Jump” Exhibition
  • Enjoy a 360 Degree View of Tokyo


  • Four-Shaku Ball, the World’s Largest Skyrocket [Sample Text]
  • Pilgrimage by Taxi to Haunted Spots


Videos Depicting Local Color Are Trending

Traveling Japan

Traveling Japan The City of Sake and Culture – Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture

 Special Interview

Discovering Parallels with Japanese Foods (Mrs. Aminatou OUBIDA CISSE, The Wife of the Burkina Faso Ambassador)

Insight into Japan (Audio File Available)

* The audio of the “Multi-Level Texts” is included in the digital version subscription, or available separately from Febe (OTOBANK).

 Close Up Japan

Junior High School Student Changing the History of Shogi [Sample Text]

 Behind the Scenes

Kanji Created by Japanese People [Sample Audio]

Kanji Master Road

Kanji Can Be Divided Up into Four Basic Patterns

 Sentence Endings

How to Use “kedo”

 English Words Used in Japanese

  • Department store
  • Supermarket
  • Convenience store

JAPANese Notes

How to Use Japanese Taxis [Sample Audio]

Exploring JAPANese through Manga

Traveling to a Destination

 New Expressions & Buzzwords

  • Proof of One’s Natural Hair Color [Sample Audio]
  • Square Print

This is Really Tasty!

Yakisoba-pan, Croquette-pan, Sausage roll

Japan Profiles

Classical Japanese Literature Is Wonderfully Entertaining [Sample Text]

Business Frontiers

Candles and Incense that Reflect the Tastes of Dearly Departed Loved Ones

Japanese in Japan

A Cheerful Attitude to Business

Japanese Comics

Fight between the Joestar Family and its Enemies (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)