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(No. 368)

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Topics & Events

  • Rent a Robot as a Tour Guide
  • Toy Festival
  • Experience Art through a Vending Machine
  • Center for Foreign Visitors to Kabukicho
  • 50th Anniversary Event at Nihon Minka-en


  • LEGOLAND Japan has Opened in Nagoya [Sample Text]
  • “Airport Gacha” Popular Across Japan

Cool Japan

Shorinji Kempo Is Loved the World Over

Traveling Japan

Dog-friendly Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture

 Special Interview

Discovering the Beauty in Every Little Thing (Mrs. Solange WEYA, Wife of the Cote d’Ivoire Ambassador)

Insight into Japan (Audio File Available)

* The audio of the “Multi-Level Texts” is included in the digital version subscription, or available separately from Febe (OTOBANK).

 Close Up Japan

Lessons from History Not Learned [Sample Text]

 Behind the Scenes

Fad for Figurines Spawned by Otaku Culture [Sample Audio]

Kanji Master Road

Katakana Characters Also Used as Kanji

 Sentence Endings

How to Use “na”

 English Words Used in Japanese

  • Toilet
  • Escalator
  • Elevator

JAPANese Notes

How the Pronunciation of English Loan Words is Altered in Japanese [Sample Audio]

Exploring JAPANese through Manga

Alcohol trouble

 New Expressions & Buzzwords

This is Really Tasty!


Japan Profiles

Taking on the Responsibility of Handing Down Traditions [Sample Text]

Business Frontiers

Putting Discarded Spinach to Good Use

Japanese in Japan

We Learned Japanese through Conversation

Japanese Comics

A Love Story About a High School Boy (My Love Story!!)