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Topics & Events

  • Modern Art Exhibition Depicts a World of Buddhist Statues
  • Internet Site Providing Information About Disaster Prevention
  • The World’s Biggest Bonsai Exhibition
  • International Art Fair
  • Cafe & Bar for Graffiti


  • Spend the Night at an Observatory [Sample Text]
  • A Hospital for Stuffed Animals is Trending

Cool Japan

A Fresh Take on Ohinasama

Traveling Japan

Kumano Kodo – World Heritage Spot and Sacred Site

 Special Interview

My Family is My Most Precious Treasure (Mrs. Maali SIAM, Wife of Palestinian Ambassador)

Insight into Japan (Audio File Available)

* The audio of the “Multi-Level Texts” is included in the digital version subscription, or available separately from Febe (OTOBANK).

 Close Up Japan

Toilet Pictograms to be Standardized [Sample Text]

 Behind the Scenes

The Japanese Temperament [Sample Audio]

 Casual Expressions

Stating Agreement or Dissent

 New Expressions & Buzzwords

  • Coriander Onigiri (Rice Ball) [Sample Audio]
  • Housework Gap

JAPANese Notes

Japanese People Wait to Be Spoken to

Exploring JAPANese through Manga

Do you speak Japanese?

Kanji Master Road

Conversation Topics for First Encounters

Nihongo Puzzle

Mastering [n5] Vocabulary

This is Really Tasty!

Bon Curry Gold

Japan Profiles

I Hope that the Attractions of Rokyoku Will Transcend Time and Place [Sample Text]

Business Frontiers

“Yukari;” a Dried Topping Containing Red Shiso

Japanese in Japan

Speaking Japanese Breaks Down Barriers

Japanese Comics

Teen Drama About a Young Professional Shogi Player (March Comes in Like a Lion)