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(No. 369)

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Topics & Events

  • World’s Largest Press Photography Exhibition
  • The World’s Largest Idol Event
  • Festival of Handicrafts
  • World’s Largest Geoglyph of Light
  • Guidebook for Foreigners Living in Tokyo


  • Experience an Excavation at Sunpu Castle [Sample Text]
  • Enjoyable Sumo Experience

Cool Japan

Slippers: an Indispensable Part of Daily Life in Japan

Traveling Japan

Get a Feel for Japan’s Good Old Days at Kawaba Village and Yutorian

 Special Interview

Connecting Japan to the World Through Cultural Exchange (Mrs. Jamila Mohamed AL GUNAID, The Wife of the Yemeni Ambassador)

Insight into Japan (Audio File Available)

* The audio of the “Multi-Level Texts” is included in the digital version subscription, or available separately from Febe (OTOBANK).

 Close Up Japan

Japanese Acting According to the Unspoken Intentions of Others [Sample Text]

 Behind the Scenes

Bowing Plays an Important Role in Japanese Life [Sample Audio]

Kanji Master Road

Katakana Characters That Are Similar to Kanji

 Sentence Endings

How to Use “~nnda”

 English Words Used in Japanese

  • Office
  • Company
  • Building

JAPANese Notes

You can Communicate with One Word [Sample Audio]

Exploring JAPANese through Manga

You can say it in English

 New Expressions & Buzzwords

  • Friends Phrases [Sample Audio]
  • Soft Household Shinto Altar

This is Really Tasty!

Canned Yakitori Soy Sauce

Japan Profiles

Spreading the Word about a System of Understanding Kanji [Sample Text]

Business Frontiers

Heroes that Children the World Over Can Look Up To

Japanese in Japan

Hoping to Preserve Ancient Traditions as a Gardener

Japanese Comics

Unconventional Humorous Historical SF Manga (Gintama)