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This is a past article published in Hiragana Times. Each Japanese paragraph is followed by its English translation or vise versa, and furigana are placed above each kanji to make Japanese study even easier. [Magazine Sample] [Subscription Page]

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test


Conducted by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) and the Japan Foundation, the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test is targeted at non-native Japanese speakers. It is scheduled to take place in 45 prefectures across Japan as well as globally in 119 cities in 28 countries and regions. Applications for the July 3 test will be accepted between March 29 and April 28. The test fee is 5,500 yen, while a test guide and an application package is available for 500 yen at major Japanese bookstores. (The above information is applicable only in Japan.) Applications can also be made through the website.

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