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“Luxury Japanese Learning Tips” Digital Book with English-Japanese Audio

You can enjoy Japanese learning hints,
funny Japanese mistakes and new words.

Digital Version
1,250 yen

“Luxury Japanese Learning Tips” is compiled from three different series on the Japanese language which appeared in previous issues of Hiragana Times. The series are designed so that readers can enjoy learning Japanese.

1. Hints for Learning Japanese
So that readers can learn the language effectively, this explains the structure of the Japanese language, its peculiarities, differences from English, and more. Serialized from April 2006 to September 2007 (18 columns).

2. My Embarrassing Japanese Mistakes
Funny mistakes that non-Japanese have made. These stories will make you laugh. Serialized from January 2010 to December 2010 (12 stories)

3. New Expressions & Buzzwords
New words and buzzwords enter the language almost monthly. Most of them do not appear in dictionaries, but are important because they reflect new Japanese culture. Serialized from September 2011 to December 2012 (32 expressions). Text: KINOUCHI Hiromichi

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*You can view the text up to 11 page
* A part of audio is available on the sample pages.

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Step 2 Open Book
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Local App (Download the Book)
File size: 92 MB 

  • (EXE installation for Windows PCs) EXE file
  • (ZIP file for Win or Mac PCs **) ZIP file

* Extract the files from the ZIP file and run BookOnReader.exe
* Do not try to run the files from within the ZIP file (extract with any ZIP program)

You can hear the audio
by clicking  “Audio” in the texts.

About this BookOn book

Immediate access to the Digital Book is granted upon purchase and activation of either the Local App or WebApp version. Your unique keycode will afford you access to both versions, so you can enjoy this book whenever, wherever and however you choose. Enjoy added features, such as: audio, video, weblinks, text search, and much more.

Local App. Download the entire book and enjoy all of its features. This may be viewed on any Win/Mac computer, and no internet connection is required (except for initial activation, and for accessing off links). You may keep this book forever.

WebApp. View the entire book on any multimedia-capable mobile device, including: PC, iPad, iPod Touch, smart phones, tablets, Android devices, etc… Requires an internet connection, however, all features of the Local App are also available.

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