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Digital Books

“Japanese History Makers” Digital Book with English-Japanese Audio

Find Out about Japanese Spirit through Legendary Heroes
Covering ancient to modern times, this is a series of portraits of figures, who have carried out historical accomplishments. This series covers not only famous individuals, but also less well-known people or animals that nevertheless made a deep impression on the Japanese people. Through these personalities, you can learn about the Japanese spirit, value system and way of thinking.

[Digital Version: 1,250 yen] 

“This is Real Japan!” Digital Book with English-Japanese Audio

Giving insights into the unseen side of Japan that non-Japanese might overlook
The book contains “Key to Understanding Japan” articles about the topography, organization and traditions of Japan– a country in the vanguard of Asia’s economic development; it also contains “Japan in the World” articles which show Japan’s standing in the world according to various categories. These will help you understand the true shape of Japan.

[Digital Version: 1,250 yen] 

“Luxury Japanese Learning Tips” Digital Book with English-Japanese Audio

You can enjoy Japanese learning hints, funny Japanese mistakes and new words
“Luxury Japanese Learning Tips” is compiled from three different series on the Japanese language which appeared in previous issues of Hiragana Times. The series are designed so that readers can enjoy learning Japanese.
1. Hints for Learning Japanese
2. My Embarrassing Japanese Mistakes
3. New Expressions & Buzzwords

[Digital Version: 1,250 yen] 

“Japan Watching,” Digital Book with English-Japanese Audio

Introducing Japanese Life Through Humorous Essays by Hiragana Times, Editor-in-Chief
This book brings together popular “Japan Watching” essays serialized in Hiragana Times from October 2007 to September 2009 issues. Popular with readers and highly acclaimed by those in the know, these essays introduce Japanese life through humorous episodes. 

[Digital Version: 1,250 yen] 

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