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There are also many other ways to look for a place to live

If you are a foreign student, the fastest way is to use the student center for national and foreign students. Student centers do a lot of things for students, including helping them find an apartment, placing them, and mediating for them (and housing information is posted on the bulletin board at the center). The office should be able to provide you with more details and contact information. Recently there are many sites on the Internet that have housing and other information for foreigners. If you have a computer, you should definitely check it out.

Foreigners can also apply for some of the public housing provided by the local government. However, there are some restrictions: You must have family in that prefecture and you must have resided there for a certain period of time before submitting your application. Residence is determined by lottery, and it can be difficult because there is a lot of competition. Public housing is cheap and spacious, though, so it’s worth it for those with families to put in an application and give it a try.

It can be impossible to find a place to live in some areas, perhaps because of the closed-mindedness of the local people. When this happens, find a foreigner who has lived in the area for a long time. Foreigners who have lived in an area for a long time have cultivated the trust of the local people. Real estate agencies and landlords who show a disapproving attitude to foreigners will often be willing agree to rent a place if they know the long-term foreign resident, and they will say, “Well, if you know them, then it’s all right.” You can also go the orthodox route of approaching some of the older students at school, your friends, and other foreigners you know and asking them about housing information.

Japan’s Housing Situation

Real Estate Agents Information

img-tulipLiving with Japanese girls at a clean share house Specialized only for women!
All of the guest houses and share houses run by Tulip Estate company are only for women. They provide many clean and ornate rooms. Since the residents are mostly Japanese, it will be a perfect environment for Non-Japanese to make progress in learning Japanese. The female staff are willing to support your living in Japan. Inspections are always available for you to have a look at a house. The rental fee for a sharing a dormitory-type room starts from 28,000 yen and for a private room from 42,000 yen. The houses are located in Shibuya, Yoyogi, Shinjuku, Nakano, Asakusa, Sugamo and Ikebukuro.
Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd. Tel: +81-3-6914-7366

A Guest House along the Yamanote Line
They are opened year-round for your convenience. It has been seven years since they started managing their 300 accommodations along the Yamanote line, Offering easy access and comfortable living in and around Tokyo.
T-Estate Tel: +81-3-3406-9777

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