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The Procedure at the Real Estate Agency


If you are not confident about your Japanese ability, you should make sure to take someone who has a good understanding of Japanese with you when you go to a real estate agency. When the agency asks you about your status(school or place of employment), income (salary, wages, allowance), and the names and the nature of your relationship to your “joint and several guarantor” and the people who will be living with you, you should be clear in giving them this information.

You should also be clear about what you are looking for before they begin the search for you. At this point, you may also be asked to present verification of your visa, alien registration card, certificate of student employment status, and salary. You should not sign a lease right away, even if there is a place available that meets with nearly all your conditions. You should go to see the place with the agency representative. When you are at the place, you will hear the representative explain various things about the building and its facilities, and you should check on the condition of the place and see what damage is already there. You should check on things like its exposure to the sun, the condition of the kitchen and the toilet, and the fixtures like electric lights and air conditioner(s). It’s also a good idea to ask about the local environment, including the nearby transportation and shopping facilities. At any rate, it’s important to make sure to ask about anything that you are unsure of and reach an agreement about everything before signing the lease.

When you decide on a place, have the expenses and the necessary documents ready for the day you sign the lease. When you sign the lease, have someone with a good understanding of Japanese explain everything to you, because this is the best way to avoid trouble concerning misunderstandings about the content of the lease agreement.

Japan’s Housing Situation

Real Estate Agents Information

img-tulipLiving with Japanese girls at a clean share house Specialized only for women!
All of the guest houses and share houses run by Tulip Estate company are only for women. They provide many clean and ornate rooms. Since the residents are mostly Japanese, it will be a perfect environment for Non-Japanese to make progress in learning Japanese. The female staff are willing to support your living in Japan. Inspections are always available for you to have a look at a house. The rental fee for a sharing a dormitory-type room starts from 28,000 yen and for a private room from 42,000 yen. The houses are located in Shibuya, Yoyogi, Shinjuku, Nakano, Asakusa, Sugamo and Ikebukuro.
Tulip Real Estate Co., Ltd. Tel: +81-3-6914-7366

A Guest House along the Yamanote Line
They are opened year-round for your convenience. It has been seven years since they started managing their 300 accommodations along the Yamanote line, Offering easy access and comfortable living in and around Tokyo.
T-Estate Tel: +81-3-3406-9777


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