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About Multi-level texts

Why does the Multi-level Text attract Japanese learners?

The texts include all the necessary factors for effective Japanese language study.

Multi-level Japanese Text Sample

You can express anything by mastering only 48 hiragana characters

It is said the Japanese language is one of the easiest languages in the world if you do not have to learn Kanji. The spoken language consists of 46 syllables and 86 syllables of their modified forms. Hiragana characters represent these syllables. In other words, hiragana is phonetic, and by knowing hiragana you will also be able to write anything that you can speak. Romaji is created based on hiragana.

Japanese language starts with hiragana

At elementary school students learn hiragana first. Then they learn katakana and kanji. This will be the best learning method also for non-Japanese. Fairy tales and picture books for low grade students of elementary school are written in hiragana, but for adults almost no books and magazines in hiragana are available. Hiragana Times provides you the texts that can be read only in hiragana.

You can learn katakana and kanji at the same time

Learning hiragana will be your fist successful step towards Japanese proficiency. However, to improve your Japanese proficiency, being able to read and write kanji and katakana, which is used for loan words, is important. Since hiragana is placed on kanji and katakana in Hiragana Times, you will be familiar with and learn them, while reading the hiragana texts.

You can also read in romaji

As also being written in romaji, those who have no knowledge about Japanese characters can read. If you input the romaji texts into a PC, you will be able to get the Japanese texts printed in the magazine. It will be a good practice for inputting. Most Japanese people type in romaji to a PC to get Japanese texts.

You can read them without a dictionary

English translation is placed below each word and phrase, so you can understand the meaning instantly. And as a complete translation of the sentence is displayed by sentence blocks, you can easily grasp the meaning. Furthermore, you can easily compare the English sentence with the Japanese sentence since sentence separation numbers are added before each sentence in the English text and Japanese text.

The texts give an insight into Japan

Multi-level hiragana texts are written for adults. They give an insight into Japan that non-Japanese should be aware of, and are highly reputed not only being educational, but also entertaining and informative.

Useful for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

The Multi-level Hiragana Texts place the most importance on reading enjoyment, so that readers will be encouraged to learn Japanese but include the expressions and kanji that often appear in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and/or other Japanese language tests. Studying the texts will greatly help students planning to take Japanese language tests – especially JLPT 2nd and 1st grades.

*Digital version provides additional functions

You can jump from the texts to Japanese only texts

Japanese Only Text

* Since 2013 March issue furigana on “Japanese Only Page” has been deleted.


The texts can be converted into “Japanese only text” pages (no English and romaji). If you challenge these pages, you will know your level of Japanese. [Sample]

English-Japanese Audio is also available

English and Japanese sentences are recorded alternatively, sentence by sentence. Since recordings are created in MP3 format, you will be able to download them on mobile devices. While reading the texts, you can hear the audio through PC, iPad, Phone and android devices.

* The audio of the “Multi-Level Texts” is included in the digital version subscription, or available separately from Febe (OTOBANK).

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