[From Novemberber Issue 2014]
This conveyor belt sushi chain has more than 330 restaurants. A characteristic of the store is that no additives, such as artificial flavorings, are used with their ingredients. Seventy kinds of sushi can be eaten there for just 100 yen a plate. Besides sushi, the menu offers such items as ramen and tendon (tempura and rice in a bowl), made with well-prepared fish stock and other ingredients. After the meal, you can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee and a wide variety of desserts.

[No. 1] Cured Natural Tuna: 100 yen

Both time and effort goes into the curing process, thus bringing out the umami flavors of the tuna. This is popular both among men and women of all ages.

[No. 2] Salmon: 100 yen

This is especially popular with women and children. It’s also popular with hot cheese sauce or sliced onion on top.

[No. 3] Yellowtail: 100 yen

The method of preservation and mouthfeel are adjusted to suit the palates of local residents. In addition, on delivery, the fish is sliced in-store.
Additive Free Kurazushi

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