[From October Issue 2014]
This store specializes in tempura and tendon (a bowl of rice topped with tempura and covered in a salty-sweet sauce). Freshly fried and reasonably priced tempura can be eaten here. There are 145 stores around the capital and five overseas stores. The tempura oil used is 100% vegetable oil which has zero cholesterol. Rice, soba (thin buckwheat noodles), or udon (thick wheat noodles), can be added to a set meal for an additional fee. Takeaway is available as well.

[No. 1] Tendon (regular portion) 500 yen

Signature dish with prawn, squid, sand borer (a kind of whiting fish), pumpkin, and kidney beans tempura topping. Unchanged since the business was established 26 years ago, this is the most popular item on the menu.

[No. 2] The Original All-Star Tendon (regular portion) 720 yen

Rice bowl topped with prawn, large squid, scallop, maitake mushroom, lotus root, and eggplant tempura. This combination of fish and vegetable tempura is popular among their tempura.

[No. 3] Vegetable Tendon (regular portion) 500 yen

This tempura bowl has six kinds of vegetable tempura toppings (eggplant, maitake mushrooms, lotus root, sweet potato, pumpkin, and kidney beans). It’s possible to enjoy the changing colors and textures of the vegetables according to the season.
All prices include sales tax.

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