[From September Issue 2014]
Founded in 1975, Lawson was the first chain of convenience stores to open branches in every prefecture in Japan. Currently, it has over 10,000 stores nationwide and another 500 stores overseas. Especially popular is the “Uchi Café SWEETS Premium Roll Cake” series, which Lawson started selling in 2009. There are also “Natural Lawson” stores that focus on healthy and environmentally-friendly products.

[No. 1] Pure Roll Cake 152 Yen

This cake features a very fine spongy texture, a subtle sweetness and exceptionally thick and full bodied fresh cream. Only domestic ingredients are used.

[No. 2] Bran Rolls (Two-Piece Set) 116 Yen

Catering to health conscious customers concerned about their sugar intake, these bread rolls are made from wheat bran. Versions are also available with cheese and chocolate fillings.

[No. 3] Rice Ball Shop “Seared Salmon Steak” 138 Yen

As if it were handmade, this rice ball is plump and soft. The taste of the fatty salmon can be enjoyed from the very first bite.

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