[From May Issue 2014]
This family restaurant franchise has expanded so that there are now around 380 restaurants nationwide. In addition to hamburger steaks, steaks and salads, there are many items available on the menu including Japanese cuisine and desserts. Dishes that contain seasonal ingredients are especially popular. You can also eat at home by ordering online from “Ouchi Denny’s” (Denny’s at home).

[No. 1] Cajun Jambalaya & Hamburger Steak with BBQ Sauce 1,088 yen

This generous portion of jambalaya (a type of American Cajun dish) contains a variety of spices, including cumin and oregano, and is served with a hamburger steak slathered with barbecue sauce.

[No. 2] Avocado Hamburger Steak – Salad Style 848 yen

A beef and pork ground tender hamburger patty steak served with plenty of vegetables, including avocado, tomato, lettuce, broccoli and onions.

[No. 3] Caramel Honey Pancakes – Large Serving 467 yen

These pancakes are thick and fluffy. Served with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, honey, and crushed almonds, they taste great.
Price does not include sales tax

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