[From April Issue 2014]
Yummy Japan
Japanese cuisine is known throughout the world for being tasty and rich in variety. It’s one of the main sightseeing attractions in Japan now. A series on the diversity of Japanese cuisine has been presented to the world via YouTube. “Yummy Japan” produces these videos and is, so to speak, a broadcaster dedicated to Japanese cuisine.
KUSABE Shiori, production manager says, “During the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, we’d like foreign tourists to discover where’s good to eat. Hospitality was our motivation for getting the ball rolling. Japanese traditional cuisine has been registered as one of intangible cultural heritages of the world, but we also have simple home-cooked food. In our series, we present real food that Japanese are eating.”
You can watch all kinds of videos here. There are videos about how to prepare packed lunches that resemble animals or animation characters, restaurant reviews by an American who is crazy about ramen, as well as series about restaurants that have extra-large helpings, extremely spicy dishes or barbecue meat on their menus.
The izakaya series, “Deep in Japan,” is of particular interest to foreigners. From ninja restaurants to a cosplay cafe in Akihabara, it recommends unusual restaurants and drinking establishments that are not well known to the foreign community. You can also enjoy the lively conversation of two French lady reporters.
Director KANDA Hiroaki says, “Other countries have videos introducing recipes, but we haven’t see any introducing restaurants. We got started with the idea in mind of Japan-specific videos.” They upload a new video onto YouTube every week. Soon the day will come when the world will know about Japan’s “real culinary culture.”
Yummy Japan

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