[From February Issue 2014]
Since it was established in 1899, Yoshinoya restaurant has continued to serve its Beef Bowl for more than 110 years. It is said that, “Yoshinoya is THE place for Beef Bowls.” The company motto is, “delicious, reasonable, and quick,” meaning that it’s possible to eat there affordably without having to wait. They also have a breakfast menu containing salmon and eggs, and, in addition, serve smaller portions for kids’ set meals.

[No. 1] Beef Bowl (regular size) 280 yen

Beef and onions are cooked in a secret sauce that has a wine and shouyu or soy sauce base and is served on a bed of rice. This product reflects the core values of being “delicious, reasonable, and quick.”

[No. 2] Tokachi-style Pork Loin Bowl (regular size) 480 yen

A large amount of fragrantly baked pork served on a bed of rice. Two kinds of soy sauce are used for the soup base creating a refreshing aftertaste that balances sweetness and spiciness.

[No. 3] Beef Sukiyaki Pan Meal (regular size) 580 yen

Hot pot meal containing beef, vegetables, and tofu. Because it is served on a small lit stove, it is piping hot until the very end.

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