[From September Issue 2013]


Eyes are one of the most alluring features of a woman. Women are always looking into ways to make them appear even more appealing. Recently many women favor tsukematsuge, a simple way to make eyelashes look thicker. Tsukematsuge are artificial false eyelashes that are applied along the line of the eyelash using special glue.

There are many kinds of false eyelashes on sale: long eyelashes, thick eyelashes or curled eyelashes, for instance. You have to remove them every day, but on the plus side, there’s a style to fit any time, place, or occasion, and you can use them to match your mood: neat and clean, natural, or extravagant.

There are many websites specializing in false eyelashes. There are even sites that rank the popularity of different false eyelashes. There are sites that have explanatory videos aimed at beginners. False eyelashes have now become an essential item for women. False eyelashes are sold by mail order from 100 yen. They are also sold in 100 yen stores. Their unique selling point is that they look completely natural.

Recently, decorated eyelashes are drawing attention. They come in colorful shades like pink or red, are made from sparkly lame, or have hearts or flowers attached. Used for parties or events, they make a flamboyant impact.

Eyelash extensions, which are attached in stores, are also popular. Once applied, you have to wait until they fall off, or ask the shop to remove them. Since extensions need to be replaced, it’s necessary to take good care of eyelashes. They require a serious amount of upkeep and cost more than false eyelashes.

In addition there is also mascara which makes eyelashes appear longer. The problem with mascara is that it easily runs from tears or sweat. Meanwhile, it has become easier to get cosmetic surgery to create double lidded eyes.

It has been said that Japanese women’s eyes, compared to those of Western women, are small and narrow, but now women’s eyes look even bigger and more beautiful, thanks to such things as false eyelashes. Some people say their eyes resemble those of the girls that appear in anime.

Photos courtesy by Matsuge no Matsuma~Decored lashes~


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