[From April Issue 2013]


Director of the Natural Healing Association, Reiki Master
TANAKA Yasuhide

I can celebrate with sushi and wine tonight! Oh, thank goodness, I can drink wine again, and I can even eat tuna, my favorite… After leaving the doctor’s office, I rushed into the nearest restroom and cried. My doctor had given me the good news today, “Congratulations Mr. Tanaka! Your readings have finally returned to normal. You are not a patient anymore.”

Diagnosed as being terminally ill with a collagen disease, I was unable to breathe properly after a heavy coughing fit. Soon after, the doctor told me, “Your condition has reached the stage at which it’s no longer likely that you will recover. You have half a year or so at best.” I was unable to accept the statement that “I was going to die.” No way was I going to die! In the depths of despair, I desperately sought for some way to live.

That was when I finally discovered a “natural healing method.” This is the belief that it’s possible to strengthen natural healing powers contained within ourselves and use that power to overcome disease. It’s possible to be examined in a hospital, but you cannot receive treatment. I literally put my own life at stake in order to strengthen the inner force latent within myself. It was my faith in reiki that led me to this decision.

Reiki, which is essentially about “ki,” tends to be regarded with some skepticism in Japan. But there is a rising awareness of “ki” as a form of “celestial energy” in the Orient and as “universal life energy” in the Occident. By channeling and utilizing “ki,” reiki is now widely practiced in many countries.

I studied chi kung in Japan and China, and acquired my reiki skills from my German master. I was then awarded the title of reiki master. For many years, as a member of the “Usui Reiki Therapy Society,” I have practiced traditional reiki techniques. I have long believed in the innate strength of the life force within humans themselves.

When they learned that the doctor had diagnosed me as being a terminal patient, my worried children came to visit from far away. But when they saw me looking vivacious and full of hope, they were totally taken by surprise, yet at the same time relieved. Fortunately my treatment was gradually taking effect and the test results from my medical examinations were improving each year. However, I was suddenly struck by another blow when I discovered in the middle of this that I had cancer of the colon.

But I kept on going, never giving up. In addition to using reiki to harness the power of “ki,” I also strived to unite my mind and body and in addition I stuck to a brown rice based diet to maximize the integral healing power contained within food. That is to say I adopted a lifestyle based on the three fundamental cornerstones of “ki,” “mind” and “diet.”

As a result, guided by the power of “ki,” my health took a turn for the better. Eight years after the onset of symptoms, my doctor now diagnosed my collagen disease as having “naturally regressed.” Eight months after the onset of my cancer, it was diagnosed as having “gone into remission.” This means that both the collagen disease and the cancer have gone away for good.

This being a rare case in the medical world, I was then invited to give lectures on the subject and I was determined to make it my life’s mission to pass on my experiences to the public. I then conceived my natural health method, which was attractive to many people and could be easily practiced. Now in the heyday of Western medicine, I strongly believe that we should really consider “a system of medicine based on the bounty of nature” which strengthens the natural healing power contained within all living creatures. 

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